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If you have seen any of the posts on the 32x that I have written you might have seen that there is a relatively manageable selection of 32x games when it comes to collecting. The games were released in 4 regions – there is the usual Europe, USA, Japan – but also Brazil!

There is a complete list of games available here, and I will be tracking the price I paid for each game – and I fully expect most of my purchases to be on eBay or Yahoo auctions and mentioned in blog post 3.

So, now to the game selections by region:

Europe 28

USA 38

Japan 18

Brazil 16

Of these games we have a number of region specific games, as well as having some with different titles for the same game (Stellar Assault JAP/PAL / Shadow Squadron USA). Realistically, I am going to struggle to get all of the Brazil regional language games, but I will try and get Blackthorne and Surgical strike which were Brazil region specific releases from Tec Toy.

Now I have a full list, I need to work out which are the common, rare and mythic ones of each collection. 
It seems the two most valuable ones are Darxide (PAL) and Spider Man (USA). At the time of writing, Darxide is going for well in excess of €1000 and is the most valuable game of the collection, with Spiderman “Web of Fire” going for $350. As with all collectible games the condition of the games influences the price significantly. Some new in box versions are going for €000’s more than their more used counterparts. So, these two are the “mythic” games in this particular collection. I will also say that tracking down a price for some has been difficult to find (Blackthorne and Surgical Strike being two examples I can not find so far).

The 32x Holy Grail – Darxide

Moving down the list to the rare games you have titles like Virtua Fighter (JAP) , Knuckles Chaotix (all regions), Kolibri (EU being more expensive than USA), Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Night Trap (PAL), Parasquad (JAP). Plus there are some others I also cannot find a history of sales for; Sangokushi 4 (Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4) being one of them.

The USA Holy Grail – Spiderman Web of Fire

All of the others then fall into two brackets – over €50 and under €50. I will start to compile a list and share it in a future blog with my progress.

Now to start the collection!

Keep playing!

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