Making progress

The collection is now really coming along, albeit a bit sporadically – but I have decided for now to lessen my focus on the Japanese collection and focus more on the USA collection with one eye on any interesting listings over here in Europe. 

As the USA was the biggest region for games for the Sega 32x, I wanted to get this part completed before I focused on the others. I have found eBay to be the best source for all of the games I want, but I am struggling to find anywhere else that has even close to the selection you get on there. I did find a useful website called which has proven to be helpful in checking all of the different eBay domains for 32x games and removing duplicates – but so far this is more helpful for Europe as it covers a number of different countries in the EU that I would not really check.

At the time of writing this I have got 23 of the 36 games boxed and shipped from the USA using the Ship7 service and I have also picked up some duplicates along the way (where they were included as part of a bundle and the price was good). I also have some games without a box, as in the beginning I was a little bit gung-ho when it came to making purchases – but the clear goal for the project is now to get everything boxed and with instructions.

So far among my purchases, the most expensive I have purchased has been the first game in the collection – Corpse Killer, which is sealed and I paid €100. I definitely over paid for this game, but I was significantly less informed when I bought it and it is sealed which always commands a premium.

After Corpse Killer, the other games I have purchased in rank of price are as follows:

  1. Corpse Killer CD €100.00
  2. WWF Wrestlemania Arcade $85.00
  3. T-Mek $76.75
  4. Star Trek:Starfleet Academy $72.50
  5. Space Harrier $59.99
  6. Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 $59.99
  7. Tempo £58.50
  8. Supreme Warrior CD $55.98
  9. After Burner $55.00
  10. B.C. Racers $54.49
  11. Slam City CD $40.00
  12. WWF Raw $39.57
  13. Mortal Kombat 2 $35.00
  14. Farenheight CD $31.98
  15. NFL Quarterback Club $29.99
  16. Doom $29.39
  17. Virtua Fighter $25.00
  18. Metal Head $24.99
  19. Cosmic Carnage $23.82
  20. Virtua Racing Deluxe $18.00
  21. Star Wars Arcade $17.00
  22. Golf Magazine:36 Great Holes $14.99
  23. Motocross Championship $10.00

So whilst I am impressed with my collection so far, this has been quite easy. I am most happy with WWF Wrestlemania as it is a USA exclusive and I paid significantly less than my $108 target price. 

Serious hairstyles

I set the target price for each game by taking the price the last units sold for on eBay, I do not always take the lowest, but something in the ballpark. 

Sometimes you get a little bonus in the box

This leads me on to the rest of the collection. I mentioned in my previous blog post that there were some rare games and these are mostly the ones I am missing now. Most of the ones I have left are going to set me back over $100 so this is going to take more time and consideration before I can get them. Also, some of the games are just not available, or command some very high prices (SpiderMan Web of Fire is going for over $1500 at the moment). 

For now I will keep tracking and making the purchases that I feel are at the right price and see how quickly I can complete the collection.

Keep playing!