About us

Player Clothing is the brainchild of three friends who share a common interest in retro gaming and pop culture. After being unable to find some quality garments that referenced their passion for retro gaming, the team decided that they would create their own label. After years of research and gaining an understanding of the clothing manufacturing business, they launched their own design range of garments. 

The products have been produced using the finest craftsmanship, developed from the ground up. Using the best available materials, and manufacturing techniques – we are proud of our products. We believe our products are the best around, with fresh designs but staying true to the retro roots that have inspired our product lines. Our designs are specifically created to pay homage to particular memories – however we are not just for gamers!

We want our products to meet at least one (but hopefully all 3) of the following three goals with our fans:

  • You love the quality
  • You love the design
  • You love the game it is inspired by

We are also a community focused company who leverage the passion of our fans to help us improve and release products that are loved.

In addition to the best products around – we offer excellent logistics and awesome customer service. Our products are made for you!

Meet the Player Clothing Team

Name: Owen

Role: Founder

About me: I am a gamer from the old school. I started my gaming life loading cassettes on my Amstrad CPC464 before upgrading to a CPC6128 and the lightning speed of disks. My first console as such was a Gambeoy, shortly followed by a Megadrive. Right now I mostly try to relive my youth by collecting retro games.

I also enjoy board games, and am mostly playing my way through some of the Nintendo classics and also a lot of MTG Arena.

Favourite game: Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Favourite film: Star Wars “A New Hope”

Favourite apps: Citymapper / Reddit

Name: Mike

Role: Creative Director

About me: My first memory of gaming is playing Asteroids on my Dad’s Atari 2600 (yes, I’m that old!) and realising that my love and passion for gaming far outweighed my ability. I’ve owned every Playstation console and every Nintendo since the SNES. I listen to hours of gaming podcasts every week and fawn over countless sites, yet get me on any competitive online multiplayer game and I’m certain to hold the fort at the bottom of the table. Still, my love for everything gaming endures.

Favourite game: Super Mario World 

Name: Prasanth

Role: Technology Director

About me: Gaming Geek of early 90s. I have memories of completing all levels of contra in a single go. Enjoyed playing Super Mario World, Street Fighter, Space Invaders and many more. Now enjoying playing those games with my kids.

Favourite game: Super Mario World