❓Who are Player Clothing?

We are a team of gamers 🎮 who are on a quest to make the best retro👾 inspired clothing that you will find anywhere! We were mostly uninspired by the tees  that were out there (sure, some of the designs were good, but the quality was often a let down) so we decided to create the best tees and clothing around! It has taken us a long time, (we started in 2014) and none of us when starting were in any way involved in the clothing industry, but we now fully believe that we have the best quality products and designs on the market. We have spent a long time making these tees, and we hope that you love them!

We are not just another printed t-shirt company, we are a community and a passionate💗 team who want to make products our fans love!

👕What makes you different from other clothing companies?

Well, if you read about who we are in the post above, you will know we are not fashionistas – we are gamers who are also purveyors of quality 👌 and have a particular interest in retro. We have poured all of our passion into our products which we have made to be the very finest quality. We are also here for our community. We want to make designs and products that make our community happy and we value all feedback and future ideas that we get in return.

📪Where do you ship to?

Right now we only ship to the UK – but very soon this will be changing. Presently we only have low volumes of our products as we are just starting out – so the UK will have a head start. In the very near future we will be looking to ship worldwide 🌍🌎🌏- our fans demand it!

📧How do I return?

Easy, drop us a line and get a returns label and then send it back.

🙋I have an idea for a design or a range!

Great, that is exactly what we want to hear. Either fill in the contact us form, or you can message us on one of our social channels. We will read and respond to all requests (we promise!)