And then there was 1 (..and a bit)

The end is in sight. For the last 6 months I have been deep in the 32x second hand USA scene, I now consider myself to be almost an expert in the price and availability of most of the USA Sega 32x games available on eBay. I have found ways to scour the site with ease and I have done this against the backdrop of still not actually being able to play the device (delivery from China is taking longer than I would like, but it should get here eventually).

Using Baywatch, which I now routinely check each time I get a notification about new listings – I have managed to strike early to get those bargains and also be aware of the new listings that appear on eBays platform. 

My bank balance has taken a hit, but I have justified this as an investment in the preservation of retro for future generations, not a mindless expense that serves only my irrational need to collect. I mean, if I really just wanted to play the games I would emulate them – this is more than that (I tell myself unconvincingly).

As I type this I am down to one more game. Just ONE. MORE.GAME. Those of you that might have been following the blog may recall that there was a particular “holy grail” of the Sega 32x USA scene – “The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire”. Well, through the joys of emulation I can confirm that they have over sold by having “Amazing” in the title, but I appreciate this is kind of his name, so I will let it pass. However if I was to name it I would call it “The below average 90’s platformer”. Maybe the emulator did not do it justice and when it is hooked up to the tower of power and then through a number of 3rd party power adaptors and video converters it will really shine more than it did when I emulated it. Anyway, I digress – Spiderman is mine, I captured it after some fierce negotiations with the previous owner for a fair market price. The sad thing is that it is only the cartridge. All of the listings for the full game are over my budget for the game.

Slightly above RRP

I paid a princely $400 for the cart only and now I am faced with the dilemma of getting the box and instructions, or finding a full game for the price I have in mind. Both are going to be tricky – however for now I have the game and that’s a semi tick in the box.

Amazingly expensive

So perhaps you are thinking it is another tricky USA exclusive that I am missing – well yes, it is – but it is not Blackthorn. I managed to get a near mint version of this for a spicy $193.44, but the competition for all listings had been fierce and I paid about $20 over my guide price, but I think the price for this is going up.

Came with a “free” protector case – bargain!

No, the game I am waiting for is “World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders” and it is a bitch to find for a reasonable price. This might be the true grail of the 32x collecting world – well that and Darxide in the EU (which is priced significantly higher than Spiderman). However I am nothing but persistent so I will find this gem and I will prevail in completion of my collection. The last few units that have been sold have been going for $300+ but I am hanging on for a bargain and my target price is $250.


Once I get this I will share my research document with the world as I think collectors will find the prices that I have monitored quite interesting, but until this game becomes part of my collection I want to minimise the level of competition.

To be continued..

Keep playing!