Technically Complete

Well, it happened and I am now the proud owner of the entire 32x USA collection. It has been an excellent learning experience along the way and I now consider myself to be quite well informed about the 32x collection and prices.

The big surprise for me was that Spiderman was not the last on the list to be found at the right price, the last piece of the collection was “World Series Baseball starring Deion Sanders”, which was not only a high price (not Spiderman prices, but still a couple of hundred dollars) – but seemed even more scarce than Spiderman Web of Fire. Which is strange, as I would have thought that would make it more valuable based on logic?

And here it is – in kind of order

I managed to capture Spiderman as a cart only, which was disappointing, but I held off making the purchase until I could get the right price – I ended up paying $410 for the cart alone. I am going to be on the lookout for a manual and box, but I am not going to hold my breath on these turning up alone.  

World Series Baseball took a little while longer, most of the sellers want crazy prices for this, but after taking my time with Baywatch, I managed to snag a cartridge only version for $99. I will keep looking as I think I can get a boxed version of this for $200 and then I will sell the cartridge alone.

The final pieces of the jigsaw

As this is now complete I wanted to share with you all the spreadsheet I have been using to track the prices of the USA cartridges. You can find the link here.

The tracking spreadsheet

One thing that has surprised me is that the price has gone up significantly in the short time I have been tracking this (around 9 months from typing this post). In some cases the guide prices have doubled!

Now I have completed this leg of the journey I need to take some time on what I want to tackle next – I am a true believer that these kinds of collections are only going to appreciate in value so I do not see it as a waste of money. From the data I have seen as I have looked at the other regions (EU/JAP/Brazil) prices are significantly higher now so I will need to get a move on.

During the 32x USA collection I have also picked up some opportunistic buys as part of bundles that I have seen as good value and perhaps I will look to the Atari Jaguar next (49 games for the regular unit, 12 for the CD), as I managed to pick up one of these, plus the exorbitantly priced CD unit along the way, and their catalogue does not seem so big. Another option might be the Virtual Boy collection (22 games). Decisions decisions…

Keep playing!