Building the collection

So, now I have a good idea on the ranges for each region as well as the cost of the items. To build this list I have looked at only eBay completed listings (with some Yahoo! Auctions for the Japanese options)and what is available right now. I have also created a list in Google Documents which I will share as my collection gets closer to completion. The reason I am not sharing it right now is that it is incomplete and also it might give me more competition for the harder to find ones. I have set a guideline on what I am prepared to pay, and will try to keep within this guide unless the product is sealed, or hard to get hold of and in poor condition. 

Some of the goodies on Yahoo! Auctions in japan 

I talked previously about the service that I am using in Japan – so eager to test this service I have been bidding and winning some auctions on Buyee. The prices seem reasonable compared to eBay, but the shipping costs look high and there is the small matter of the customs import charges – which will add up to a pretty penny. The plan is to bundle these deliveries together if possible to save on shipping. In addition to the 32x games, if I see any retro related products to any of the Player Clothing t-shirt ranges, I will buy them.

The game scene in Japan is amazing, and full of goodies and products I did not know even exist – also there is a much bigger selection in some areas that are not available in other regions, so I will need to moderate my spending or this could get a bit crazy.

I have seen some games I want, and the prices look ok – so I will get bidding and update with more information in the next blog post.

Keep playing!

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