Land of the rising sun

Now I am all set to buy from Japan, and have spent countless hours trying to not buy more than I should, I am starting to get a feel for Yahoo! Auctions and also the Buyee service. 

I have been surprised how limited the supply is for 32x games here. At any given time there are around 25 – 40 products under the “SEGA 32x” search term. Generally this will contain a number of products that are not actual games, like promotional material, 32x units and some just plain strange products that are pulled up by the search. In addition to the Genesis/Megadrive mini being available, there are a number of units that are the mini accessories to make the tower of power, which as I understand are not available in the rest of the world.

Not a 32x game….

So when it comes to adding games to the collection, I do not have the huge amount of choice that I originally expected. A number of them are unboxed and some are priced in a manner that is not really realistic for me to buy (generally proved too high for me). However, patience is a virtue and I managed to find some games to kick off my Japanese collection!

Now remember, there are only 18 games that were released in Japan for the 32x, most of these were just games released in the other regions and boxed for the Japanese market – but there are some exceptions! 

  • Cosmic Carnage is now called “Cyber Brawl”
  • Knuckles Chaotix is now called simply “Chaotix”
  • Zaxxons Motherbase is called “Parasquad”
  • Shadow Squadron is called “Stellar Assault”

Why they decided to change these names is beyond me, they are not really radically different and I am not sure why the originals do not fit – but anyway. The only unique game and possibly the Japanese Holy Grail is “Sangokushi 4 (Romance of the Three Kingdoms), which is a Japanese exclusive 32x game. So far I am yet to see this in the wild on Yahoo!

After scouting the available lots for a couple of weeks, I managed to snag myself a copy of After Burner (it was listed without a picture, so it was a gamble) and a copy of Cyber Brawl. In addition to this, during one of the other rabbit holes I went down whilst browsing the goodies that Yahoo! has to offer was a copy of Shining Force for the Megadrive. Why? You might ask. Well – it is one of my all time favourite games and I just could not resist. I now intend to collect the entire shining force collection at some point, but that is a tale for another time/blogpost.

Also not a 32x game

I paid around 33 Euros for Cyberbrawl and gambled 35 Euros on After Burner (which is a great price). Unlike other auctions, the bidding action is quite limited, so there were no frenzied bids and I won both auctions without going crazy. For those that care, Shining Force was around 20 Euros.


Massive gamble!

The packages were then shipped to the Buyee center in a couple of days, and from there I consolidated (for a small fee) and then got some shipping options to Spain. 

Shipping was around 28 Euros, so the lesson was learned that I should factor this cost in when bidding – but let’s see how this goes and if I have to pay any tax when it lands here (should be marked correctly by Buyee).

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