The collection grows

I wanted to document some of the recent purchases that I have made for the collection. I have been using Ship7 and eBay and I have found that there has been a very good selection available and I am making great progress on the USA selection. The problem I find is that now I have the alerts on when new listings happen, I am getting visibility of more things that I want but do not need. I have configured BayWatch to let me know when all things 32x go live and also more specifically if a particular title I am looking for has appeared.

This is BayWatch, just not how I remember it

Therefore I should be aware of any bargains that appear with a buy it now price tag. With Pandora’s box being opened in Japan I need to be careful that I do not have the double threat of two massive markets filled with retro gaming goodness draining my wallet – but unfortunately this is not always possible.

In my mind I have now changed my focus on just 32x to now being all things related to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis in this era, so with this new mindset I am pleased to announce that I had a good “score” – I managed to snag a younger sister tower of power to go with my European model!

Wanted not needed

I figure that due to the region locking on the 32x affecting some of the games and releases, I should have a console to play all of the wonderful games that I will be buying. This seemed like too good a bargain for me to miss out on. You can see from the price paid that it is not so cheap, but when you break it down it is pretty good. It comes with 2 x 6 button controllers (which sell for about $15 each, and the 32x goes for about $50 unboxed – the console itself is about $25 and the Mega/Sega CD is about $85 so the price combined it about right and saves multiple purchases. It was a bit impulsive but is a swift solution to playing the games from the region.

With regards to the 32x games, I managed to get a number of them secured for a good price (the price in brackets was my guide price):

  • Motocross ($29) / Star Wars Arcade ($24) / NFL Quarterback ($13) – bundled for $29.99
  • Cosmic Carnage ($27) – $23.82
  • Farenheit CD (No guide price) – $34.98
  • T-Mek ($71.55) – $76.75
  • Supreme Warrior ($54) – $55.98
  • Zaxxons Motherbase 2000 ($81) – $59.99
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (No guide price) – $72.50
  • Virtua Fighter ($33.75) – $25
  • WWF Wrestlemania ($108) – $85
  • Doom ($27) – $25

On top of this, I also managed to “secure” a Nomad! For those of you that do not already know, the Nomad was a portable Genesis which was released in 1995 and ran until 1999 and was only released in North America. This was the natural successor to the Game Gear and also allowed you to plug it into a TV. Sadly it does not work with the 32x or the CD (or the power base converter, which was a master system adaptor), but it is still a nice piece to the collection.

Also wanted, did not need.

I got it for a good price with similar units going for over $150 with the battery pack and adaptor.

With all of the goods arriving in the Ship7 warehouse in Delaware, I was quoted a price of $79.63 via DHL to get the goods shipped to Spain and they arrived with minimal fuss (and a bill for duty) in a couple of days – using DHL made the customs process a breeze and it was significantly easier than the shipments from Japan.

My Nomad, working fine apart from the battery pack not holding a charge!

All things appeared together, although were sent in 8 different boxes, but in summary I was very pleased with the big step forward in the USA collection and also with my new Sega consoles.

The lil sister Tower of Power, just missing the official spacer for the 32x

Keep gaming!

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