Starting a new collection

Having moved into a new apartment, I now have a space that allows for me to have a kind of “games room” which will allow me to finally set up all of the things that I have collected in one place. There has been no real theme to the things that I have collected over the years, sometimes they have been opportunistic, sometimes they have been related to the ranges we have been developing here at player – but mostly they have been impulsive. I seem to have a love of collecting, perhaps this stems back to my trading card/sticker collecting days of my childhood – or maybe it is emphasised more because I am lucky enough to have some spare money these days and I can get the things that I always wanted when i was a child. Either way, I have a collective personality and I decided I need a focus for this!

Being a Sega child mostly (well I did have a Gameboy first) and spending most of my early console gaming playing a Megadrive (or Genesis is you are from the USA) a lot – I wanted something that was in line with this and also something not too broad. Thankfully Sega were the masters of the add on, whether this was the CD, the Modem (well ahead of its time) or the 32x. Having done my research on these, I decided on the ill fated 32x. 

An advert in Sega Visions in 1994 for the 32x

Why? Well, to begin with – the game range is pretty limited. You see, Sega wanted to stretch out the life of the Megadrive and bring it into the 32 bit era, however the timing was pretty abysmal! They launched the unit in Japan less than a month after the release of the Sega Saturn. I am not sure of the logic here, but perhaps it was designed to capture gamers that could not afford the Saturn, but either way it was doomed to fail. Asking game developers to support 4 console platforms (Megadrive, Mega CD, 32x and the Saturn) is a huge ask and they would of needed to prioritise – so with a massive install base of the Megadrive and the promise of the Saturn the 32x would of been a distant 4th after the Mega CD! So with all of this considered, only 40 games were released, which gives a total of 84 games I need to collect in order to make my collection complete. 

Being the competitive type, I was determined to do this, even if it took me a long time, so my first challenge was to get the actual unit and then I could start my collection!

To be continued…

Keep playing!


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