The collection begins!

So after tracking some auctions on eBay in the UK, I managed to get myself a boxed unit. The condition of the box is not great, but I was not after something mint – this is meant to be used! I paid £170 for the unit and it came with the power adaptor, instructions and the connector cable to the console. The only problem is that the cable that was included for connection to the Megadrive is for the Megadrive 2 – and I only have an original Megadrive. In a bizarre coincidence, the original 32x was sold in the uk for £169.99 so I think I have over paid 1p, however if we factor in inflation I think the deal was not so bad.

Upon inspection, it appears that the unit was one of the later models – I am not sure if this is good or not, and I stand to be corrected by someone that knows more than I do, but apparently this might be good when it comes to playing Japanese cartridges. 

I have been investigating whether the unit is region free, and if not – what I need to do as the aim is to get all of the games from every region as I discussed in the first blog post. What I do know is that the EU consoles outputted at 50hz and the USA/Jap consoles at 60Hz which means the better pictures and speed were on the USA and Japanese consoles. Thankfully I have one of each, so hopefully I will be able to find a work around that does not involve any soldering – as this is not something I want to be doing – and I also do not want to send off my consoles to be fixed someplace else.

I will do some further research and update my findings in a future post.

Keep playing!

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