Turning Japanese (and American)

So in order to complete my SEGA 32x collection I will need to collect all of the games, and as mentioned in a previous post there is a relatively small number of games, spread across the regions. However, this will still be a big challenge. As with all consoles there are a selection of games that are harder to come by than others. Also, being based in Spain it is also more complicated when it comes to shipping, selection and logistics. eBay is the obvious choice, but shipping from other regions can be expensive and also there is the case of import taxes. 

Having done some research, I have decided to work with some companies that offer local shipping addresses in Japan and also in the USA. The theory is that you shop on local auction websites (generally eBay for the USA and Yahoo! auctions for Japan. They will provide you with the address and you then ship to their warehouse. Once it arrives, they do a consolidation service of your packages and then forward them on to you – which should mean less in shipping (games are not so heavy, so shipping one or a few games is not that different).

I opted to use Buyee as a service for Japanese auctions and started to browse Yahoo! auctions to see what was available. Buyee have a number of fees, but they are generally reasonable and the charges for the games are significantly cheaper than you will find on websites outside of Japan. There is a purchase fee of ¥300 per auction won (about €2.40 based on todays exchange rate), and a number of options for shipping and inspection that offer different delivery types, taking a picture of the goods when they arrive in the warehouse and checking them against what was expected. Shipping from Japan can be expensive, but this depends on the size and weight of the package. There is also a fee for consolidation of your deliveries which is recommended if you want to save money during the shipping process. 

Glorious retro goodies from Buyee/Yahoo! Auctions

For the USA there were quite a few options and after doing a read up on the services that each of them I decided to use Ship7. They offer a Delaware shipping address which means you do not pay sales taxes. They offer package consolidation for free and will hold goods for 60 days free of charge. Also the shipping rates are reasonable based on a comparison with some other website. 

The Ship7 home page

Now these are setup it is time to identify what I need to buy and from where!

Keep playing.

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