Special Delivery!

The first lot of games that I have ordered from Japan have arrived so I wanted to write up my experience with ordering from Yahoo! auctions and using the Buyee service to have them delivered to Spain. 

Firstly the shipping fee was not so bad – around €29, but this does not include import duty that needs to be paid when they arrive in Spain. 

The breakdown of the shipping costs from Buyee

In Spain there is around a 20% tax that you need to pay when you import, so I was fully expecting an additional invoice for the goods when they arrived. To my surprise and delight, this was not something I received from the courier – so I got the goods in good time. 

Naturally I was excited to see if my gamble with After Burner came off or not (given that it was listed with no picture, but advertised as complete. So I opened the package and was delighted to find that the game was fully intact and in excellent condition!

The gamble paid off!

Now to inspect the contents of the box and see what was inside. 

The full contents of the game, the gamble was a success!

I was happy to see that everything was included and the box was in excellent condition. One thing I was interested to see was that the cartridge came in a small cardboard tray. This is very different from the EU/USA versions of the games which comes in a larger coloured insert. All things considered, I was very happy with the results of the first purchase made from Japan. It was not cheap, but the excitement of shopping on a site with as much retro gaming goodness as Yahoo! auctions in Japan is addictive. 

The other game I ordered was Cyber Brawl – also known as Cosmic Carnage in the rest of the world. I knew from the listing originally that this one was a bit worn so I was expecting the worst.

When I unboxed it, it was as expected, the cardboard boxes that the 32x games come in are to be honest – totally crap. It is beyond belief that the Megadrive would go from such amazing boxes for the usual games (the hard plastic cases), and good boxes for the Mega CD (the CD type cases) to such an easily destroyed box for the 32x.

Cyber Brawl has been in the wars

As you can see from the pictures, the box was a bit squashed, but the contents were all ok – however it was missing an instruction manual – which I am a bit annoyed about. I am not sure where I will manage to get one of these in the future!?

The game was unharmed!

One bonus was that the Cyber Brawl did contain an interesting poster advertising the 32x. This I considered a bit strange as why would you need to have the 32x console advertised to you, if you had just brought a game for it?!

MEGA-Soft Information – including an advert for the Sega Saturn, as if the people who had brought the 32x wanted to know they had pretty much wasted their money!

Is this advertising more games or the console itself – answers below

My copy of Shining Force was to be expected, so all things considered, I was happy with my first Japanese import.

Whether the price of the games is cheaper when you consider all of the additional costs is to be decided and I will try and calculate all of the costs when I start to build out the collection further. 

Keep playing!

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