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Now I have got my international game ordering down to a tee and have started my collection I have set my sights across the pond to continue my collection with some more titles from the USA. The setup is similar to that of ordering from Japan, apart from the fact it is a bit easier (no language barrier or auto translation) and I am hoping shipping is more reasonable. The downside is that there are not many amazing curiosities to discover on the platform (eBay). I am pleasantly surprised by the selection available however, bearing in mind that the USA has 36 titles available and Japan only 18, this is going to be a big investment to build the full collection.

As we take a deeper look at the portfolio of the 32x in the USA there are a few interesting games and releases. By having 36 titles, the selection stateside of the Sega 32x was the biggest (the second biggest was Europe with 28) and of the 36 there were some exclusives. A fighting game called – Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw which was a follow up to Brutal: Paws of fury – and featured a couple of new characters and new levels. 

Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, which was a port of the Megadrive/Genesis game that was also released on a number of other platforms. RBI Baseball 95, which was a follow up for (yes you guessed it) RBI baseball 94 on the Genesis. I was not familiar with the game series, but it has been going since 1987 on the NES and at the time of writing is still going strong (RBI Baseball 20 is the latest version for the PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch). Also, R.B.I stands for “Run Batted In” – which I assume means you get a score for running in after a big hit (but I am no baseball expert).

RBI Baseball 95

Spiderman: Web of Fire was another exclusive for the 32x, which was the last ever game released for the 32x and is also the holy grail of the 32x USA collection. This one is going to set me back a fair few dollars (there are some listings for ~$1500 or so). World Series Baseball 95, which was made by Sega sports and also released on the Game Gear and Genesis. Finally, WWF Wrestlemania Arcade which was released for the Megadrive/Genesis (all regions) and also the Sega Saturn.

The Amazing Spiderman: Web of fire 

Having a better understanding of the collection, I started to set up alerts on the eBay application and set myself a target price based on the listings that had completed recently. In addition to this I have also set up an application on my phone called Baywatch, which offers to let me know what new listings have appeared so I can catch them early if they have a good price. Baywatch offers a paid for service as well which claims to offer faster updates, but the free version is ok for me right now.

At the point of writing this, I am making some good progress – I have purchased 9 games (none of the exciting exclusives) and they are being sent to Ship7 who will kindly (for a fee) hold them in their warehouse and consolidate the shipment and then send it to me in Spain. The total amount paid for these 9 was around $295 and some of these are part of bundles – but the good news is that everything so far has been purchased under budget.

Also, I managed to pick up a copy of the USA version of Tempo for £55 (slightly over budget) and I have had that sent to some family who will be my mule and bring it with them when they visit!

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